Owner’s Manuals. MultiZone Amplifiers; Tuners; Receivers; Blu-ray / DVD Players ; Accessories; Amplifiers; Net-Tune; Preamplifiers; Media Center; Sound Bar. Introduction. The SSP (Surround Sound Processor) world has been a sad place for the last couple of years. All the mass market companies were implementing. Setup of the DTC was as simple as any receiver I have used. A quick check of the manual reveals that you simply plug in the calibration mic and the.

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This helps keep the prices down and allows them to implement technology on the cutting edge.

There are five digital audio inputs three coaxial and two Toslinkas well as an optical output. Comparing it directly to an Anthem D2, the 9. The remote control for the 9. This is one time where we can make a direct comparison of the two options. If you want to attempt to perform room corrections yourself, you can disable the Audyssey and configure the graphical EQ manually. Don’t show me this message again.

Lockable customized dealer settings can be independently stored for easy recall, making it simple for installers to maintain complex installations.

All of the post-processing modes can be layered on any incoming audio signal, including the intebra codecs from Dolby and DTS. Take a look at these features on the 9.

The back of the unit is equally as impressive, with a full row of etc connectors across the bottom 7. First, there are direct source access buttons on the front as well as a menu control.


Integra DTC THX Ultra2 SSP –

A A x 2 pcs. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! In all aspects, the 9. Onkyo and Integra are in the process of moving the network-based audio file playback MP3s, etc. Related Latest Reviews News. When you pick up the box for the Integra, you will be impressed with its substantial weight.

The component, HDMI, and digital inputs and be assigned to any of the inputs on the unit. First there are direct source access buttons on the front as well as a menu control.

We are glad to see you are using our service again. It is fully compatible with HDMI v. I sell Denon, Onkyo, Inteyra, Harman Kardon, and at the last Denon training they explained that Audyssey Pro is for making more revenue at the dealer level. I am just happy to know it can be upgraded. The Integra internally decodes and processes every high-resolution audio source available today. For more information about Integra and its many fine products, visit www. While the menus have all the same functions as a typical SSP, the devil is in the details so to speak.

Integra DTC-9.8 Service Manual

Onkyo and Integra are in the process of moving the network-based audio file playback MP3s, etc. The inputs can also be renamed since AUX1 isn’t terribly descriptive. This is one of the better high-definition video-processing solutions on the market. I am not going to cover any of that now, but you can refer to a Colin Miller and Brian Florian essay for more reading here. Subscribe to our newsletter. Zone 2 and Zone 3 both include balance controls as well as maximum and power-on volume settings.


The Integra is like most other Japan-manufactured audio components with a solid build, but not overdone. I can hardly express how happy I am with the sound of this unit. Part I December, Integra Onkyo’s high end brand similar to Toyota ‘s Lexus has decided to set the stage for this entire market by offering an exceptional value to consumers at an unheard of price. While this might not be important to most remote control users, direct access to sources and menus are important to many consumers.

Page of Go. For simplified setup, the DTC Go to Home Page. Another happy Integra 9. I could list every audio format the system supports but it is easier to refer to pages of the manual which can be downloaded here.

You really are getting more for the money. Music From Big Pink. Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio. The two balanced rear channel outputs can also be used in a bi-amping solution something I have never been a big fan of, although some people claim it sounds better. Entry Level Or Reference Projectors: On the audio side, I was just as impressed. Power on the unit and wait for more than 10 seconds. This kind of performance is amazing for an SSP at this price point. I tried it with and without the Audyssey EQ, and it did make a difference.

The next requirement is being able to set the distance in increments of 0. The Tree Of Life.