Johfra Bosschart is born as Johannes Franciscus Gijsbertus VAN DEN BERG in in the city Rotterdam. The name Johfra comes from the contamination of. Born as Franciscus Johannes Gijsbertus van den Berg, he later in adopted the pseudonym JohFra by using the first three letters from each of his two first. I think that the Johfra Bosschart zodiac prints are an exciting example of astrology art at its finest! Which is your favourite? I love the Cancer image Scroll to see.

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Maxfield Parrish captures a light mood in his paintings that feels supernatural and very real and tangible at the same time. To me these pictures present a futuristic vision rather than a look back at our savage ancestors.

Image Gallery-Astrology and Zodiac Johfra Bosschart

The reconciliation between Titiana and Oberon Only in painting was there some scope for new interpretation. It was not until years later that I discovered a host of other artists who are related.

In the right border of the painting just below the center we see a pair of disembodied hands causing pomegranate seeds to fall into an open plant. Links to all 12 of Johfra Bosschart’s Zodiac Series posters: Spring Summer Fall Winter pg.

He draws to meditate on himself and others. He was leader of the nine muses who personified the arts and knowledge, and as director of their choir was patron god of poetry and music. Paul Stamets is a mycologist and a true renaissance visionary with a pathbreaking message.


The fairy of the great mystery This book has definitely enhanced my appreciation of astrology. Her symbols were the moon, her hunting dog, the stag, and her golden bow and arrow. The text is all in Dutch, but at least I look at his artwork.

And without change there is no life. This information is confidential. The name Johfra comes from the contamination of the following names: Life and Death Phenomena.

Books Samael Aun Weor. To me these dream-like sceneries are highly hypnotising.

Johfra Bosschart Cancer: longing of the hermit crab for the Moon

In his brief but informative overview of esoteric theory, Johfra states his symbolism is very personal and some may not agree with it, johtra this is fine. Johfra Bosschart Click the thumbnail images below to visit larger images and detailed descriptions of Johfra’s paintings. Johfra had a diary, in which he wrote about the important moments from his life.

In Johfra was commissioned to do the above twelve Zodiac pictures by Engel Verkerke. And the others again can use the drawings to contemplate as well. Practical Gnosis and Meditation. He sometimes added his mother’s maiden name, “Bosschart,” to his paintings as well.

The Revolution of Consciousness.

Johfra Bosschart Zodiac Prints

Therefore I decided to elevate as many sides of the signs as possible through a brief meditation and contemplation on the principle figure, who becomes the main point of concentration. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. You and the Universe. On both sides of Johfra’s photograph above are thumbnails of his 12, full-page astrological paintings that come with You and the Universea personalized, fine art book on astrology, mythology and astronomy through which is woven each recipient’s entire astrological reading.


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Hercules soon found out that the Nemean Lion was impervious johfrz weapons, so he had to block one of the two entrances to its aztrology and then wrestle the lion to death in the dark.

Showing of 2 reviews. Pages from your astrology reading in a fine art, personalized astrology book: The heart is depicted at the top of the painting within a shining crown, for the lion is king of the beasts. Uranus is sudden, disruptive energy, shattering old forms so that new energy can infuse and crate new forms.

Elf appears between cat’s-tails Johfra Bosschart was born in Rotterdam, Holland on December 15,and died in Fleurac, France on November 6, at the age of Finally, the story of astroloyy greatest science fiction epic never made has finally been told. Taken together, they constitute a secret science.