Euphues, The Anatomy of Wit, and Euphues and His England, by John Lyly, were published respectively in and , when the author was a young. From Euphues. By John Lyly. Edited by Jack Lynch. The text comes from the first edition, I’ve added the paragraph numbers. The original is in black-letter. John Lyly’s Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit and Euphues and his England, created a literary sensation in their own age, and had a profound.

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The style of these novels gave rise to the term euphuism.

Oh the counterfeit love of women! We commonly see the booke that at Christmas lyeth bound on the Stacioners stall, at Easter to be broken in the Haberdasshers shop, which sith it is the order of proceding, I am content this winter to haue my doings read for a toye, that in sommer they may be ready for trash.

Open Preview See a Problem? Euphues has opinions on everything and at first comes across as arrogant, but things change as he grows older.

Aristippus his wart, Lycurgus his wenne: There, an old guy named Eubulus, having seen the troubles young men like Euphues usually get into, advices him to be careful about his ways, his money, and his dealings with women “Here, yea here Euphues, mayest thou see not the carved vizard of a lewd woman, but the inc Never mind the spoiler alert.


Lyly was one of those who wanted to raise English prose to the height of sophistication of the great Latin stylists.

Gentlemen vse bookes, as gentlewomen handle theyr flowres, who in the morning sticke them in their heads, and at night strawe them at their ljly. Quotes from Euphues, the Anat Rhiannon rated it it was amazing Oct 10, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Let the Lacedemonianthe Persianthe Parthianyea, the Neapolitan eyphues, cause thee rather to detest suche villanie, at the sight and viewe of their vanitie.

Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit

Is it possible to gather grapes of thornes, or figges of thistelles? Tulli eloquent lylu his gloses, yet vayneglorious: Most critics distinguish between an anthology of stories with different protagonists, even if joined by common themes and milieus, and the novel which forms a connected narrativeand so also exclude Le Morte d’Arthur. Academic Skip to main content.

What can I say about this? Johhn stylish sample Lyly’s style depends for its effect on alliteration, balanced sentences, antithesis, and exotic imagery: So likewise in the disposition of the mind, either virtue is overshadowed with some vice, or vice overcast with some virtue.

Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit by John Lyly

Euphues’ Latin poem in praise of Elizabeth I is translated for the first time, and is discussed in an appendix. Euphues, the Anatomy o The plot is fairly thin, and I’m not going to repeat it, but the arguements are wordy. The one will be satisfyed with reason, the other are to be aunswered with silence.


John Lyly and early modern authorship Andy Kesson.

Selected works of Lyly are on line. Some critics distinguish between the eupues in which characters and events have political, religious or other meanings and the novel in which characters ,yly events stand only for themselves and so exclude The Pilgrim’s Progress and A Tale of a Tub.

Solomon wise, yet too wanton: Trivia About Euphues, the Anat The latter accepts his love “It is Euphues that lately arrived here at Naples that hath battered the bulwark of my breast and shall shortly enter as conqueror into my bosom,” she tells her father. The influence of this work is more valuable then the actual reading of it.

Tatjana JP rated it did not lly it Jan 05, The Sun shineth vppon the dungehill, and is not corrupted, the Diamond lyeth in the fire, and is not consumed, the Christall toucheth the Toade, and is not poysoned, duphues birde Fiochilus lyueth by the mouth of the Crocodile and is not spoyled, a perfecte wit is neuer bewitched with leaudenesse, neyther entised with lasciuiosnesse.

How to cite this page. Ann rated it did not like it Jun 16,