Editorial Reviews. Review. “A man went to knock at the king’s door and said, Give The Tale of the Unknown Island – Kindle edition by José Saramago, Peter Sis, Margaret Jull Costa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. The Tale of the Unknown Island [Jose Saramago, Peter Sis, Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A man went to knock at. By Jose Saramago Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature,; Sunday 27 . What unknown island, asked the king, trying to suppress a peal of.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. They both laughed, then fell silent, after a while, one of them suggested that perhaps they should go to sleep, Not that I’m particularly sleepy, and the other agreed, No, I’m not either, then they fell silent again, the moon rose and continued to rise, at one point, the woman said, Ghe are bunks down below, the man said, Yes, and that was when they got up and went below decks, where the woman said, See you tomorrow, I’m going this way, and the man replied, I’m going this way, see you tomorrow, they did not say port or starboard, probably because they were both new to the art.

A tiny book; 51 tiny pages with illustrations.

Oct 06, Jim Fonseca rated it liked it Shelves: Some seams were fraying, and these she carefully marked, since the needle and thread which, only yesterday, she had used to darn the pages’ socks.

It was published in Portuguese inand English in Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A second glance, however, would reveal nuknown the king was very much the loser, because when people realized the unconscionable amount of time it took to get a reply, the ensuing public protests would seriously increase social unrest, and that, in turn, would have an unlnown and negative effect on the flow.

The king questions him about the existence of such an island and tries to convince the man that all islands already appear on maps. Then, of its own accord, the caravel turned its prow toward land, entered the port and drew alongside the quay, You can leave, said the man at the wheel, and they immediately all trooped off, first the women, then the men, but they did not leave alone, they took with them the ducks, the rabbits and the chickens, they took the oxen, the donkeys and the horses, and even the seagulls, one after the other, flew off, leaving the boat behind, carrying their nestlings in their beaks, something never seen before, but there’s always a first time.

The king’s house had many other doors, but this was the door for petitions. Common terms and phrases allegory asked the tael bormaster bronze sqramago broom bunk candle caravel cither cleaning woman cleaning woman’s face crew members dark darning the pages decided door for favors door for petitions ujknown of decisions favors being offered fell silent gangplank give orders go and tell go in search going to sea gunpowder happened harbor harbormaster heard king’s palace king’s philosopher king’s visiting card know perfectly known land least leave locker look lovely manage maps never Open the door ourselves person port or starboard iland rabbit replied safe sailors Saramago scrubbing the deck seagulls seams seaworthy boat second unkjown ship ship’s wheel shouting silence sleep socks someone soon straightaway josf Sweet dreams Tale there’s things third secretary thought three days tomorrow took turn unknown islands left utter voyage wait want the boat want to go wanted a boat wheat field wind worried.


To love is probably the best way of having. Retrieved from ” https: He wondered if she would already be asleep, if it had taken her long to fall asleep, then he imagined that he was looking for her and couldn’t find her anywhere, that the two of them were lost on a vast ship, sleep is a skilled magician, it changes the proportions of things, the distances between them, it separates people and they’re lying next to kose other, ispand them together and they can barely see one another, the woman is sleeping only a few yards away from him and he cannot reach her, yet it’s so very easy to go from port to starboard.

Our caravel’s really lovely, said the woman. The harbormaster said, I wouldn’t recommend it, I’m a sea captain myself and I certainly wouldn’t venture out to sea in just any old boat, Thf give me one I could venture out in, no, not one like that, give me a boat I can respect and that will respect me, That’s sailor’s talk, yet you’re not a sailor, If I talk like a sailor, then I must be one. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

He woke up with his arms about the cleaning woman, and her arms about him, their bodies and their bunks fused into one, so that no one can tell any more if this is port or starboard.

The sun had just vanished into the ocean when the man with the boat appeared at the far end of the quay. Then, the first secretary would call the second secretary, who would call the third secretary, who would give orders to the first assistant who would, in turn, give orders to the second assistant, and so on all the way down the line to the cleaning woman, who, having no saarmago else to give orders to, would half-open the door and ask through the crack, What do you want.

The harbormaster reread the sagamago visiting card, then asked, Can you tell me why you want the boat, To go in search of the unknown island, There are no unknown islands left, That’s just what the king said to me, He learned everything he knows about islands from me, It’s odd that you, a man of the sea, should say to me that there are no unknown islands left, I’m a man of the land and yet I know that even known islands unkbown unknown until we set foot on them, But, if I understood you right, you’re going in search of one that no one has set foot on, Yes, I’ll know it when I get there, If you get there, Well, boats do get wrecked along the way, but if that should happen to me, you must write in the harbor records that I reached such and such a point, You mean that you always reach somewhere, You wouldn’t be the man you are if you didn’t know that.

What did greatly annoy her was the complete absence of food rations in the food locker, not for her own sake, for she was more than used to the meager pickings at the unkonwn, but because of the man to whom this boat was given, the sun will soon be going down, and he’ll be back clamoring for food, as all men do the moment they get home, as if they were the only ones who had a stomach and a need to fill it, And if he brings sailors back with him to crew the ship, they’ve always got monstrous appetites, and then, said the cleaning woman, I don’t know how we’ll manage.

The Tale of the Unknown Island

She threw the empty nests into the water, but left the others where they were for the moment. It’s lovely, said the man, but if I can’t get enough crew members to work it, I’ll have to go back to the king and tell him I don’t want it any more, Honestly, the first obstacle you pf across and you lose heart, The first obstacle was having to wait three days for the king and I didn’t give up then, If we can’t find sailors willing to come with us, then we’ll have to manage alone, You’re mad, two people on their own couldn’t possibly sail a ship like this, why, I’d have to be at the helm all the time, and you, well, I couldn’t even begin to explain, it’s madness, We’ll see, now let’s go and saramgao.


In the rush to leave, the sacks of earth had. The unnown interrupted their conversation, I have to hand over the keys to the owner of the ship, which of you is it to be, it’s up to you, I don’t care either way, Do boats have keys, asked the man, Not to get in with, rhe, but there are store cupboards and lockers, and the captain’s desk with the logbook, I’ll leave it all up to her, I’m going to find a crew, said the man and walked off.

Now this posed an enormous problem, because one must bear in mind that, according to the protocol governing the different doors, only one supplicant could be dealt with at a time, which meant that, as long as there was someone waiting there for a saraago, no one else could approach and make known their needs or ambitions.

He brings the floor cleaner from the Castle of the King to help him in his journey. Netrani Island off of India in the Islanf Sea from wikimapia bottom photo: The Tale of the Unknown Island.

To ask other readers questions about The Tale of the Unknown Islandplease sign up. Take short way away, hidden behind some barrels, the cleaning woman ran her eyes over the moored boats, I fancy that one, she thought, not that her opinion counted, she hadn’t even been hired, but first, let’s hear what the harbormaster has to say.

The Tale of the Unknown Island by José Saramago

The sails are the muscles of unknon boat, you just have to see them swelling and straining in the wind to know that, but, like all muscles, if they’re not uninown regularly, they grow weak, flabby, sinewless. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The woman did not think anything, she must have thought all she had to think in those three days during which she would open the door now and then to see if he was still out there, waiting. At that moment, the sky clouded over and it began to. It looks like a caravel, said the man, It is more or less, agreed the harbormaster, it started life as a caravel, then underwent various repairs and modifications that altered it a bit, But it’s still a caravel, Yes, it’s pretty much kept its original character, And it’s got masts and sails, That’s what you need when you go in search of unknown islands.

The man said, Let’s leave the philosophizing to the king’s philosopher, that’s what they pay him for josse all, and let’s eat, but the woman did not agree, First, you’ve got to inspect your.