Hailed as one of the most important portrayals of the dark years of Nazism, this powerful chronicle by the Romanian Jewish writer Mihail Sebastian aroused a. The thesis Imaginarul spațiului în opera lui Mihail Sebastian (The Imaginary of the Chapter V – Spațiul intim în Jurnalul lui Mihail Sebastian (The intimate. In the history of Romanian literature, Mihail Sebastian (pseudonym of Josef M. Hechter) fares as a .. record: after 6 months, a translator from English‖ (Jurnal, ). In early .. ―Nae Ionescu a fost o vreme Dumnezeul lui‖. Adevărul de.

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Our grieving is visceral, tyrannical, uncomprehending. There are no brakes, no rhyme or reason. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. May 20, Laurent rated it really liked it. Without a radio, with his judnalul source of news the German communiques, bragging about their victories, then more and more secretive as their luck turns, all Sebastian can do is speculate.

What can I expect? Anything, absolutely anything, is possible. Mihail Sebastian was a writer of talent and wit that much can be glimpsed from merely reading the first few pages of ‘The Accident’ one of the few of his works translated in English who had the misfortune of being Jewish at a time when such a jurmalul meant potential death in Europe.

Aug 12, Surabhi Chatrapathy rated it really liked it. My favorite character is, of course, the Marxist, S. The first and the last part one were for me the most important moments of the novel. Bufonul jurnalului este Camil Petrescu. So while there are many great reviews about the historical politics, Sebastian’s life and influence, etc.

On top of that, add the unfamiliar Romanian names and lack of context clues, and it ujrnalul me awhile to figure out that when the book opens Sebastian imhail a law student in Bucharist.

David Auburn, Jurnalul lui Mihail Sebastian, r. Cristina Bejan

Swann in Bucharest, not Paris, and a real-life man, not a character in fiction, Sebastian, a Romanian Jew who was a dashing, classless, much-beloved figure in Romanian society and theatrical circles in the s and 40s. Refresh and try again. View all 4 jurnxlul. I received an a finished MP3 audio Cd as a win from LibraryThing from the publishers in exchange for a fair book review. Stres si depresie la locul de munca. His beliefs, together with the ones of his generation, come alive through dialogues with llui friends, teachers, articles and monologues.


It is the same old inclination to find scapegoats for a crisis. Eliade comes across as a pompous prick, Camil Petrescu as an obnoxious asshole with the exact opposite of the impostor syndrome, believing he is the smartest person in the world, them and a lot of others constantly anti-Semitic.

He does not consider himself a Zionist, tries not to get into fights as his other Jewish friends and struggles against the inclination to feel persecuted.

Above all, it is a measured but blistering account of the major Romanian intellectuals, Sebastian’s friends, writers and thinkers who were mesmerised by the Nazi-fascist delirium of Europe’s ‘reactionary revolution’.

It is a collection of memories, thoughts about those memories and felt so tangential. I was most pleased to find this treasure.

For Two Thousand Years by Mihail Sebastian

In response to the criticism, Sebastian wrote Cum am devenit huligan How I Became a Hooliganan anthology of essays and articles depicting the manner in which For Two Thousand Years was received by the Romanian public and the country’s cultural establishment.

Such a book is further proof of why we read, to feel less alone, to know others have felt as you do in the bare bones of existing. The parallels to US right ward lurch are ominous. Having said that, I think it should be required reading! Sebastian was a member of the intelligentsia in Bucharest, and writes in his journals about his friends’ changing viewpoints – how they became more sympathetic to Nazism and anti-Semitism.

Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. He does not share in their fervour and seems overcome by his own feelings sebastisn shame surrounding being Jewish. The title is taken from the years of persecution endured by the Jews, repeatedly I was fortunate enough to be able to read this book on a long-haul flight and give it the attention it deserves.


Books by Mihail Sebastian. The LibraryThing meter was correct, I would not like this book. Already the number of Jews murdered since June is more than a hundred thousand.

We are frequently sick jyrnalul hearing about Israel or aliyah. Nov 11, Ruze rated it really liked it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Subiectivitate si obiectivitate in Jurnalul lui Mihail Sebastian

To read Journal is to read not only an important historical and social document but to read how a talented writer managed sebastoan endure some true hardships without losing his honesty and dignity and a sense that, someday, he would see things set right. Have I alone been living through it?

As I listened I wondered if he ever imagined that his personal journal would be published and read around the world. It records the mounting persecution he endured and documents the disdain former friends began showing him in Romania’s increasingly antisemitic sociopolitical landscape.

It can be hard to read at times, as the attitudes of the day are often blatantly mihial and yet, sadly, there are still such prejudices around now. Even the price of bread is set at twice of that of the rest of the population. It has a special sense of soft sensibility about it that does not in any way pose as literal sophistication or presumptuousness. Where do I start with this deliciousness! In the s, Sebastian’s Journal gained a new audience in Mihwil countries due to its lyrical, evocative style and the brutal honesty of its accounts.