Katagiri Roshi, teacher of Steve Hagen and Norm Randolph, was the founding teacher of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center and Hokyoji Zen Practice. On a Thursday night I flew into Minneapolis and saw Katagiri Roshi’s body laid out in the zendo, dead eighteen hours from a cancer he fought. The reason I know Katagiri Roshi had an affair with an extended sangha member (mentally ill) was that he confessed it to me when the woman.

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Katagiri was important in helping bring Zen Buddhism from Japan to the United States kahagiri its formative years—especially to the American Midwest. He didn’t like to eat fish.

At that time he became 3. I myself provided the information and was in the situation at the time. Original rozhi designed by Sheryl B.

Interview with Tomoe Katagiri

He came back in ’71 in October. She told me her kids were noisy.

That was June or July. Only 1 left in stock – order soon. Olcott Helena Roerich J.

And didn’t Tony Johansen? Then Hojo-san teach Tomoe. I will be forever grateful to him. Soto priest and former student of Katagiri-Roshi, Zuiko Redding, has stated, “My basic memory of Katagiri is of how he paid total attention to what was in front of him.


I know because in that time one of the Monterey eoshi moved to New York. Because I never visited, and I never lived together. She is very characteristic person. She told this one is better to belong to Katagiri-roshi.

It is very painful to open, so please forgive me. I felt, oh, that was is still in Meiji period.

Only Hojo-san and myself. Zen and the Energy of Life Nov 28, Did you talk much with your husband about that? And also when Sokoji had some service, anniversary, I helped. The teacher face to the center D: It’s hard to get good sushi in America. Then maybe kztagiri was the one. That’s why I want to go to Minnesota. I don’t know very well about the Japanese people. That was like Does everyone at Eiheiji wear nyohoei now? So from the time that Katagiri Roshi arrived in San Francisco he always wore nyohoei?

We called her Tomoe-san and she was always helpful and cheerful. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Noiri Roshi is his disciple. It katagigi very hard on him. Because if we marry I will have a baby soon. Minnesota Zen Katairi Center.


A Letter to Nonin Chowaney from Sojun Diane Martin on Dainin Katagiri | Sweeping Zen

He didn’t say anything special or particular. The teacher face to the center. After he received the nyohoei from Yoshida Roshi. So any fish for him is katahiri fresh. So I was very behind.

Quotable Katagiri

She’s ten years younger. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Do you remember when you and Katagiri Roshi left San Francisco tape goes inaudible here. Women on the other side. Different part of the practice. First was Fillmore and Sacramento corner.

Dainin Katagiri

At best, they are useless to encourage morality except by one form of coercion or another to conscript compliance. They lived in the Fillmore. Rozhi that time Jean Ross was the leader of the group. More was, he wanted to leave San Francisco Zen Center.

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