Kiai is a Japanese term used in martial arts for the short shout uttered when performing an attacking move. Traditional Japanese Dojo generally use single. Toate no Jutsu is a method for defeating an enemy of distance. There are secret to comprehend. There are three “kiai” (harmonized energy. Or “Can I buy a vowel for that kiai”? The kiai – Bruce Lee made it sound like a tortured chicken (imho), Fumio Demura sounds like a growling bear how do you.

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Log in or register to post comments. When you juts, its not dissimilar to that of an archer drawing back the bow when preparing to fire upon an enemy.

Use of this website is governed by the Terms of Use. This can and does lead to disasterous results as the above videos show and the Chinese boxer rebellion proves. Actually, I believe it is the former. Sakki is the Ki that is projected outword when one has intent to harm or destroy someone or something. Shouts made from the throat pass frequently for Kiai, but they are not and never can be true Kiai. I would look at the Kiai the same way as the breathing is done in Sanshin or Tensho Kata, for those who don’t know the breathing is pointless, but for those that do.

We were heading toward a Korean restaurant, a favorite of his where we kaii ate. Commander ZiggSep 3, Oyama stopped and then uttered a short, powerful sound, something between a grunt and a soft shout.

Kiai-jutsu | Martial Arts Planet

There are, however, diverse ramifications of this technique, some of which border on the mystical. As a systmised and highy developed art Kiai-Jutsu belongs to the east, the west however is devoid of some knowledge of such tactics, as is evidence by references in history, legend and myth.


When exhaling, one would tighten the abdominal area and let out a “Ha! I use this as a training tool with my students.

This is the Kiai of the four that is most powerful. One of my friends is a bit more into this then I ever was. That is why one must be determined to win when stepping into an arena or is about to engage in combat. Stop the sound, the breath out and the motion all at once. When a person throws a full power punch, with jutsi, at the right distance i. Return to Defining Martial Concepts. Transcriptions Revised Hepburn kiai. The next thing I knew I was on my back stunned with no idea what had happened.

It’s stuff like this and over analytical study and reliance on things like Kiai that really can bring martial arts into the ‘joke’ catagory. When the Ki-ai is uttered by a martial artist, the kiia of the sound may momentarily paralyze the opponent’s functioning and render him or her more jursu to an attack. Log in or Sign up. I’ll have to ask him next time I see him.


The breathing method of Shorei Ryu i. Hi Jason I don’t mean to be a cynic, but this smacks of Pseudo-science and wishful thinking. Create new account Request new password. The teachings of Kiaijutsu say kkai masters of such art are actually able to freeze multiple opponents or knock people backwards or even knock people over with this skill. We all are told why we kiai and what sounds we should make, but do we really know what sound makes a good kiai and why?


When I went back to sit down I asked another student about what Ueshiba had done.

Kiai-Jutsu | Shuyokan Ryu Martial Arts Center

The final bit of air can be exhaled through the nose. I was living with a group of martial artists hosted in an old Meiji period house atop a hill in a suburb of Tokyo called Ichigiya. As you raise, breathe in so kia your breath and your motion all stop at once. Your hips cocks and your trunk cocks, your elbow and your wrist-like rubber bands.

No magic, no science defying energy, just simple vibrations caused on a matted floor by a man stamping very hard. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies.

To a large degree this depends as much on the individual as upon the specific Kiai being kiiai. Sound and tone structures of other languages such as English may require other sounds to be more effective among others who natively speak another language.

But there are no documented cases, just stories many generations old. Is this a demonstration of real power or just the reaction of an apprehensive student all too willing to follow his kiaj lead? For example, I did a Kiai while performing a Kata.

Here is an excellent article written by Harada Mitsusuke http: This sound hisses up through the body from the tightened midsection. It was believed that some martial arts masters in feudal Japan were able to use the justu shout to either injure or heal another.