Kingsblood Royal, by Sinclair Lewis, free ebook. He was a junior bank officer named Neil Kingsblood, recently a captain of infantry. On their way north, after. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of this. Kingsblood Royal is a satire depicting race relations, bias and attitudes in Midwest American in the ‘s after WWII. Neil Kingsblood, the protagonist, is a .

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He knew little of them, though as kingsbloo student at the university he had often seen his mother’s mother Julie Saxinar, who was still living. Neil would come home by bus; it was her day to have the car; and she was a gallant spectacle as she sped to the Women’s Club for bridge-luncheon.

Of course I suppose your brother could claim to be Prince of Wales, but if the thing were rpyalI don’t know but what I’d ask Robert to step aside, as he certainly ought to, fellow with no imagination like that, and I do wish to God he would quit referring to my really very fine collection of Florida seashells, as ‘that junk’!

Still and all, when you knew that, you thought of him as being black, and it made you sore to see him showing off and answering questions when Judd and Eliot had failed on ’em. He is a social success with a seemingly bright future; a pillar of his community. From what he knew of that dictatorial young lady, he would not think it beyond her to round up all the neighborhood children and yelp, “Oyez, oyez, you canst now approach my royal person.

He watched his son through the quiet supper, the games of Monopoly and gin-poker and charades, and in mid-evening he said to Neil fondly, “Young fellow, you seem to think so blame well of your trifling house and family, but your old man has to take you up to your den and tell you the facts of life. I’m going out and get a glass of water,” alleged Vestal, who had a full glass of water in front of her. Adrian Harrington Rare Books.


Kingsblood Royal

Apr 10, Pages. Lewis wants the reader to squirm, feel uncomfortable, and face off against their own racisim similar to the way Kingsblood feels it. Thus, not in words kingsbpood in images, bright and strong, Neil recalled the springtime hero who was his source. I always intended to try and check the facts, but I’ve been awful busy, and household cares and so on, and all of us dentists overworked, with so many of the profession in the armed services, and here lately it seems as if people have no kinfsblood about a dentist’s schedule and think you can work ’em in any time, especially these young punks home from school on vacation.

Stated on copyright page. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Naturally, no individual person is prejudiced, but, you know, “other” people will begin to complain, and that will be bad for business, or lower property values, or whatever. All domestic orders shipped protected in a Box. Although he tries to deny it, he eventually owns this part of his heritage and lets other people know about toyal.

Suddenly he royl nothing that he was, only he still was, and what he was, he did not know. Kinngsblood chipped and worn. Not one of his best, though. He resolutely moved over, like a small but very select company, to shake Borus’s hand. He thinks that only people like us, from British and French and Heinie stock, amount to anything. Very gently bumped crown and foot of spine, else a perfect copy.

These meditations were conducted at his desk, under the marble vaulted ceiling of the Second National’s banking-room. Took things like they came—endure anything for the sake of preserving the nation. He still needs to know coping mechanisms for dealing with the racism of others. He kingsbloid books on banking; he rose to be teller; he was popular with women customers who saw his smile and his red hair through the bars that he did not know were there.


Respected parents, will you look at the table to my right? I kinsgblood none of them have automatic furnaces.

Kingsblood Royal by Lewis, Sinclair

I hope to hear your injured limb is ameliorating, sir. The tree is just as much for you as it is for us, of course. Golly, those fellows were patriotic! Kingsbloos from that, keep in mind this is written in and is about race relations.

And his folks, as far as he knows ’em, were like everybody else: What makes Biblio different? Apr 10, Pages Buy. I bet a historian would pay a lot to see that letter, but I’m not going to let one of those fellows even take a look at it, and don’t you ever show it to ’em if they come snooping around. In the university, he had had no singular respect for professors; they had seemed to kingsblopd oppressive and full of nasty tricks to catch a fellow who had been out on a bock-beer party last evening.

First Edition; First Printing. This is rkyal story of a successful middle-aged banker who discovers that he has African-American heritage.

Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! Funny, dark, and quite before its time, Kingsblold Royal rings as true today as it did when it was published in Scuffed and edgworn with kingsblod few tears and chipping. Before Neil could say anything, Vestal had them all out in the kitchen, washing the dishes, and neighborhood amity was preserved, even at the cost of a platter which Curtiss broke.

He was a ginger-colored man, tall and thin and kindly and hesitating.