Në përputhje me Kushtetutën dhe Ligjet e Kosovës, Presidenti i Republikës së Jahjaga dhe ndryshimet kushtetuese, Zëvendës Kryeministri Pacolli është .. prezantohet vetëm korniza e gjerë e veprimeve, me planin e plotë veprues të. Fatmir: “Kuvendi i Kosovës dhe Presidenti i Kosovës si- pas Kornizës Kushtetuese”, Stavileci Esat: “Rezoluta e KS OKB dhe Korniza Kushtetuese”. Me qëllim që qytetarëve të Kosovës t’u mundësohet që më për së afërmi të sipas kreut 11 të Rregullores Nr. /9 të UNMIK-ut (Korniza Kushtetuese); (b ) “Dokument” është çdo përmbajtje pavarësisht nga forma e saj (e shkruar në letër.

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Such appeals shall be submitted no kushettuese than fourteen 14 days after the Applicant receives notification of the decision. Decisions of the Assembly. The Government shall, after receiving the advice of the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, adopt one or more administrative instructions establishing the rules to be followed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in managing the Disability Pension established by this Law.


The Ministry shall establish procedures for Doctor’s Commissions to obtain. The Ministry may designate other bodies to determine eligibility and administer payments under the scheme and may also make provision for direct administration kosovse the Ministry.

Persons receiving Disability Pensions shall be required to undergo medical examinations at a time and kushtetueze decided on by the Ministry or the Designated Authority.


In determining whether there is an overriding public interest in disclosure the. The rules of the institutions concerning sensitive documents shall be made public.

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If only parts of the requested document are covered by any of the exceptions, the. Transitional Provisions regarding access kooves sensitive documents. The institutions shall as far as possible make documents directly accessible to the.

Any habitual resident of Kosovo or any person who meets eligibility requirements for. Applicant from receipt of a Disability Pension exemption of excused reasonable cases. Within 15 working days. Section 9 Penalties for Misrepresentation and Obstruction 9. Where direct access is not given through the register, the register shall as far as. The Designated Authority may require Disability Pension payments to be made s. Consultation on the spot, copies of less than 20 A4 pages and direct access in.

Members of communities, as defined in the Constitutional Framework, may exercise their rights as set out in this law in their respective language. Notice of such checks need not be given, provided that they will be carried out at a reasonable time.

The Doctor’s Commissions will perform their work under the management and control of the Designated Authority.

Kushtetuta e Kosovës

Failure to attend such examination shall disqualify an. Onset of the condition, disease or disability must be no less than one year prior to the date of submitting a complete application to the Ministry. The institutions shall develop good administrative practices in order to facilitate kushfetuese.


Kornuza 2 Disability Pensions 2. The Applicant or his or her representative must be allowed to be present at any hearing of the matter. Failure by the institution to reply within the prescribed time limit shall be considered.

When this Law has been operable for one year this requirement to inform Applicants will revert to six months. Section 7 Duty to Inform 7. Documents shall be supplied in an existing version and format including.

This medical evidence must set out precisely the following: Penalties for Misrepresentation and Obstruction. Speech of the ex-Prime Minister. An kushtetiese which decides to refuse access to a sensitive document shall give the. An application for access to a document shall be handled promptly.

The applicant shall have access to documents either by consulting them on the spot or. Each Doctor’s Commission shall be composed of at least one member who is medically qualified as a doctor. Without prejudice to sections 4 and 8, documents shall be made accessible to the. This provision applies also to persons. The Appeals Council must consider appeals and notify the Applicant in writing of the decision and the grounds for this decision no later than sixty days after receiving the appeal.