What follows is the chronicle of significant events that mark the selected history of the. Koronus Expanse, as it is generally known and agreed upon by scholars. A bright beacon in the swirling darkness of the Immaterium for fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ line of Warhammer roleplaying games. An editable version of the Koronus Expanse Map (Rogue Trader) Koronus Expanse Editable PSD.

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That is how the voyager space craft was able to leave ours. At the very centre is tethered a huge macro-statue of the God-Emperor, larger than many warships. Wxpanse vessels are captured as prizes and converted to pirate ships, while the best the captured crew can hope for is a quick death.

The people of Naduesh have little understanding of the relics of technology left behind in these ruins, and seem unable to koronks rebuild their society.

The world was of little real value to the Imperium, but it had been won from an alien race that had been discovered there, and human blood had been spilt upon its soil. A militant Rogue Trader out for blood. Rak’Gol technology is judged by the Adeptus Mechanicus ‘ Magos Explorators to expanxe inferior to the Imperial standard, but what they lack in this regard they more than make up for with their ferocity and single-mindedness, as well as their individual combat prowess, which is considerable.

Tempting and seductive, brutal and punishing, the servants of the Dark Gods take many forms in the Koronus Expanse. The sounds expanxe structure of the Nadueshi language and culture indicate a distant root in High Gothic and tie the population and its ruined mega-cities to a now lost age of Mankind. A Lord-Captain may bear the greatest Warrant of Trade ever seen in Port Wander, but until he harrows the Maw and survives to see the raging light of Furibundus at its farthest end, he is no better than a common Free Trader in the eyes of his peers.

Koronus Expanse | BFG | Pinterest | Rogue traders, Battlefleet gothic and Rogues

So, go homebrew your own crap – and don’t tell us about it. Halo Artefacts, or Halo Devices, have been known to select Arch-heretics, recidivists, and the Ordos koronuss the Inquisition for millennia, ever since renowned Explorators and Rogue Traders of antiquity returned from the Halo Stars bearing these devices, along with tales of corpse stars and disturbing pict-records of dead Xenos Worlds.


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Occasionally an Eldar turns his back on the Path and embraces an existence without restrictions; these Eldar are called Outcasts.

Clad in glossy beetle-black armour, the proud and capricious warriors of the Children of Thorns are merciless in combat and are said to slaughter their enemies to the last once battle is joined.

There’s nothing to justify it at all. Aside from epanse adult Stryxis — who continuously politic and backstab each other for rank and prominence in the caravans’ social hierarchies — no young, gender variations, or other culture to speak of has ever been encountered. There are no permanent structures on the surface of Burnscour — only the slowly dissolving metal carcasses of landing craft brought down by the planet’s storms, the few melted ruins of structures built by fools, and the swaying jungles ever growing beneath the caustic rain.

Drub koronsu to track expanss these xenos, reasoning that they were possessed of highly advanced technology that would be of great value to certain groups within the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Koronus Expanse | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Even the worlds charted by explorers still hold many secrets closely. There are worlds waiting to be discovered within the Koronus Expanse that are inhabited by people who have fallen to the worship of false gods which are but a mask for the Ruinous Powers. Stryxis Caravans interest Rogue Traders who do not mind dealing with these nefarious xenos for their myriad opportunities for commerce and profit.

On the rimward margins of the Calixis Sector boil vast Warp Storms that have since ancient times barred passage into the Halo Stars.

Beyond these human conflicts lie truly dark and dangerous voids, rife with rumoured terrors, undiscovered stars, and worlds of man who have never known the God-Emperor. Orks speak a harsh guttural language that mirrors their physical appearance and blunt outlook on existence. This spectral Eldar voidship has reaved the Expanse for centuries, its appearance considered a portent of unholy calamity.


The Koronus Expanse

They destroy and kill with a cold precision — and then leave, taking no prizes. Nothing else exists — no dust, gas-streams, or worlds. The Void Dancers’ Roil is a mass of subtly sliding drifts and beguiling currents in the Warp that can lead the most seasoned Navigator astray and carve apart the hulls of starships that dare their tides. They are all that remain of a lost and wondrous age that ended with a cataclysmic event known as the Fall of the Eldarwhich caused the collapse of the great Eldar civilisation as a result of the birth of Slaaneshthe Prince of Pleasure and youngest of the Chaos Gods in the early 30th Millennium.

The Fortress of Justice is just one insanely large building. Clad in glittering armour that shines as if filled with moonlight, they make no sound in battle and are led by witches robed in pale tatters with tall helms of gleaming bone. A Navigator ‘s Map of the Koronus Expanse.

For centuries, Rogue Traders have braved great evils and the treacherous warp to venture into the Kotonus Expanse, but their efforts have barely begun to uncover its secrets. A cunning master of ship-to-ship combat, Morgaash wrested control of the largest and most powerful ship in the system, a massive Battlekroozer named Da Wurldbraka. It is for precisely these reasons that many great powers and factions from the Calixis Sector maintain secretive agents in Footfall: These strange storms within the warp, and many others beside, all whirl and dance together and so create a wall within the sea of souls that cannot be crossed except by a rare few stable warp routes.

Though strange to look on, Stryxis caravans offer an often bewildering variety of goods, many perilous and outright prohibited within Imperial space.