Lanko waterproofing products range from cementitious to water-based polymer and act as LANKO BITUMINOUS EMULSION LANKO SUPERFLEX . based on polysilane / siloxane designed to penetrate the minute pores and capillaries of rigid substrate. Read more · Brochure/Datasheet · SDS · Lanko Lanko Dual-component resilient hydraulic micro-mortar. Read more · Brochure/Datasheet · SDS · Lanko Ready-to-wet mortar composed of sand, .

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Depends what the anthology is about. Also, with regards to artwork I know we have laanko people post their art on the forum so maybe some of them would like to take a shot and come up with something for the monthly themes.

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Lanko’s Year in Books Hedin on December 29, December 29, Yeah, I’m cool with my stories being included in this too. Hedin Master Namer Posts: I hadn’t even noticed that I finished in the Top 3 and would even be included.

Nora on December 29, Happy for ours to be included, and we’d love to make the cover! I’m a perfectionist but not very good at anything. So our anthology can range from to pages long, depending on the formatting.


Of course, published stuff usually appears to have ? I wouldn’t mind having the chance to go back and make some minor grammar type edits or lako ideally have someone else look at it but I want to make sure if we did that we kept within the spirit of the competition and only allow marginal word count increases.

Balcony – Vietthai

I am definitely all for this and agree that it should be used for donations to the site either through Patreon or setup through some other waythe legal stuff I’ll let people smarter than lqnko figure that out. Did you miss your activation email?

Change, when it comes, will step lightly before it kicks like thunder. Everything I wrote above is pure conjecture.

Lanko | Waterproofing | waterproof cement,roof seal,water leakage

I 228 know what I’m talking about. It be more work but I would like to see old fashioned illustrations at the start of the stories. I wish the world was flat like the old days, then I could travel just by folding a map. Slow and steady wins the race.


Her French lxnko will take over even more strongly, and soon she will dissolve into a puddle of alienation and Kierkegaardian despair.

Writing Group Lakno Posts: Only partially responsible for my custom title. Please login or register. December 21, That’s why I rarely finish things. I like it m3mnoch. Assuming all of them reaches the limit of words some don’twe have a total of 57k words. Assuming manuscript format words per page we have a total of pages.

This was posted during a time I was out of touch, so I didn;t see it. ArcaneArtsVelho Secretly I’m laughing about jurassic raccoon testicles.

Anyway, so far without November and December there are 38 stories.

Politicians and writers spring to mind Jonathan Stroud: GRMatthews You are being naive if you think that any sweet and light theme cannot be strangled and force fed it’s own flesh. Will now be taking a look!