Check out the excellent book of metal logos by Christophe Szpajdel available now!. Lord of the Logos: Designing the Metal Underground [Christophe Szpajdel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is a collection of. Logos, emblems, symbols, illustrations, hand lettering icons and calligraphy for bands, individuals and corporate clients.

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New Logo for Tastemade. If you like these lkrd, you should check out the art by the Converge singer, Jacob Bannon. The hardest was to maintain proportion and working in a very narrow street where I could not stand back and look at the entirety of my work.

od And are you ready for this? I spent ages looking at this guys work for research in my graphics class. They have such a great reputation otherwise. In a recent e-mail exchange I had with Christophe, one thing led to another, and he designed some UnderConsideration logos shown directly below and we stroke a conversation that I am reproducing here, along with plenty of visuals.

There is clearly a distinct visual language associated with these works. February 8, at 2: Lately, I caught Foo Fighters having ripped off my Emperor logo for some stupid Christmas jumpers, I tye have taken to court but instead, I have been acting differently. Yap its an amazing book, and a very slick production as well, givin the black metal design scene some respect! Do you think your approach is too extreme for their more mass-consumer appeal? The way he logoz visualize a word or title and put it to paper is brilliant.

New Logo for Bank of America by Lippincott.

By Industry

However you are absolutely right, they are very complex from a standard branding point of view. I had to make a scaling of what I am going christope draw on paper and then go back and forth from three A3 And so started with the Marks of Metal exhibit in Odense, Denmark. Ryan, yeah those Wolves logos are killer. Today I have a very rare break in content form on Brand New. Now it must be said that this style of logo is not for everyone.


If you like what you see I highly recommend picking up his book aptly titled Lord of the Logos. February 10, at Comspot is a rounded, typewriter-flavoured font family with a human touch. The first time I heard of Christophe Szpajdel — and first mentioned him on Brand New — was injust as the rest of the internet was also getting to know his peculiar work for death szpakdel bands. I have saved money in lawyers and court costs and got a very nice deal. At the point I had to increase my llrd to a minimum of dollars U.

As well, this is a chance to boost the sales of my monograph book Lord lors the Logoswhich is, 5 years on, still available from Gestalten and still in print. All of dhristophe logos you see in this post were hand-drawn.

The assignment is to create the brand and packaging for a band. Some of his logos are unmistakable in readability, while others are cryptic. Since then, he’s published a book, Lord of the Logosexhibited his work around the world — including the Walker’s Graphic Design: February 7, at 6: How much of your time goes to designing band logos and how zzpajdel to other professional or artistic endeavors? Being a metal guy I absolutely love this stuff, and szpaajdel cryptic nature of these is almost a code among metal heads.

From an artistic point of view I think they are great. Assembly Bradford A place to make things and meet people.

February 7, at New Logo for Amil. New Logo for Treebo. Actually, With Foo Fighters, I managed to make some business and uplift their reputation.


Urby, a typeface melting dynamic shapes with geometric construction for branding and editorial. I had to seek for some help from a California-based friend Artist and Graphic Designer, Nino Meija, to help me with digitizing the files and invoicing process.

Is this something you are looking to do more of, moving into larger, full-color projects? Also, those Wolves in the Throne Room logos rule. Does anybody ask for editable vector files in the computer or are they happy with the scans you provide?

Logos in black and white will remain the main body of my work as I feel a lot more comfortable and I can move around with my art gear a lot easier. Second Edition Designers, typographers, magazines, blogs and networks will It’s the first interview I’ve conducted and published here but I have soft spot for the topic.

February 21, at 7: After I started getting into bands like Opeth, Agalloch, Nile, etc.

Christophe Szpajdel — Lord of the Logos | typetoken®

Styrene, designed by Szpaudel Hasebe, is his latest exploration of proportion and simplicity in Thanks to my buddy FultonI have a copy right by my side. Things are going to get heavy around here. The budget is not necessarily what I am aiming at. I wrote about him on my music blog and tried my hand at making one pf these logos myself.

A potential client could actually be in such an amazing band as Wolves in the Throne Room who had a small budget at the time they were looking for a new logo. Timmac, Christophe would be a great guy to study for type understanding, even if he is on the extreme end of things.