Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Daily Affirmation. My mind is my good friend and servant. It awaits my direction on what to think about and focus on. I rule my mind, which I alone must rule. Written by Louise Berlay, narrated by Barry J. Peterson. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Listen to her stories, and follow her instructions to replicate her success, and join the growing numbers that are beginning to understand that “Imagination Creates Reality”.

Louise was using the law and was happy to remain on the level of louiwe. Acknowledge berlqy seeming absence and reaffirm it’s already mine by assuming it in my imagination. The same can be done for unwanted things. So the fact he had traditionally feminine interests fulfilled her desire.

Louise was intent in having a daughter. He originally came to the United States to study drama, and became a dancer; but his study of metaphysics led him down a different path. I have no issue with her not giving birth to a girl as I think the desire fulfills itself. It helps in the fighting There is no competition, condemnation nor criticism in me nor towards me. This is a day of joyful ease as I open to receive rather than to conquer, control or get. Practical stuff can be made spiritual by working with berlzy own quirks and past successes.

He did not have a son on Oct 10th.

This part started with you implying I was a SJW something I am very much against anywayand then you digging up some of my old posts and posting them here. Can you show me the text or audio that says that? Promotional posts about your website, channel or article links where you charge money from users are not allowed. NevilleGoddard submitted 5 months ago by hungzai. The part about Louise, not so much. Dr Joseph Murphy said of Neville: I am absolutely convinced that there is a presence and a perfect law which lousie the impress of my desire now and which irresistibly attracts into by experience all the good things lojise heart desires.


Louise had the rare opportunity to learn from Neville first hand. But that same nephew was dying of cancer, why didn’t Neville save him? She was expecting the baby to be a daughter, which wasn’t what came to be.

Otherwise, you are simply stirring up dust for no reason and hurting your own results to boot. My faith in the good is written in my heart and felt in my inward parts. It is incredible to me that this was ever put on the market!

Louise Berlay and Neville Mark : NevilleGoddard

In Spirit, there is no size, no comparison, no order of difficulty. That’s as close as I can come. You are supposed to hold a mental image, an imaginal act, which then hardens into fact. I still don’t understand why the two aren’t then equivalent, that is, what is in imagination then gets reflected in the objective world.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Why is it just because he was making another point that this one doesn’t have to be true anynore? I am ever grateful to Glenn Roberts for his special kindness, his generous and best of all gifts: My only regret is that the book had to end.

The purpose of this audiobook is to share with you that which was passed on to me when it was greatly needed. Why can’t the gender change after conception?

Louise Berlay Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘The Magic Of the Mind’

We can no more assume that she didnt really want bsrlay daughter than that she really did. That is possible yes. I used to literally talk to myself and say things like- yes it’s true that so and so is happening and I can see it, but I know better louie. I can much more easily get the feeling of wish fulfilled about items I don’t really care about.

For those unfamiliar with Berlays work, we have included the first 5 chapter in text and audio FREE on this website as well as a link to purchase to book berly Amazon. I believe you are here to uplift, including when talking to me. If you’re saying we started off on the wrong foot, and you can talk to me about how to put Neville’s teachings in practice, then great. She said she wanted a daughter because she already had a son.


Honestly, neither of us were there, so we can only speculate. But Neville told him he berlzy change the color of his skin, but that the world would treat him as an equal. AudioEnlightenment is pleased to bring back a metaphysical classic by one of Neville Goddard’s top students, Louise Berlay.

The Magic of the Mind

My thoughts turn in gentle happy directions. I was exited to see this on audible and purchased it. Each person is experiencing their own reality in some sense, and so each will experience their own self pushed out – So Neville should have gotten a son of his own, could be from another woman, whatever, on that date, instead of not getting a son at all, and Louise should have gotten a daughter, not a son who likes to cook.

It is possible that Neville himself mis characterised what she said and all that but all this explaining away seems like a thing where you just take Neville’s word for everything is true and work backwards from there. I had some clients who just verlay eating junk whenever I wasn’t there. It doesn’t seem like that hard a feat compared to others. Neville spoke of Louise Berlay being determined for her baby to be a daughter, but had a son. I thought it is supposed to materialize your desires through persisting in the imagery till it hardens into fact.

Both work but Louis feel, and think this lecture proves, one is more powerful than the other.

From the mothers unique experience, it’s very possible that she got her daughter.