L&T Formwork Folder – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Get an overview on formwork solutions for all construction needs. Wall, Slab, Climbing, Shoring, Safety and Components. L&T Form work updated their cover photo. August 9, ·. No automatic alt text available. LikeComment. Most Relevant. Aquib Sk, Vijal Patel, Pooja Manoj and.

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Dependable form-ties forjwork safe suspension points are crucial for efficient and safe usage of any formwork. Dokaflex is the fast, versatile floor-slab formwork for any desired layout.

Folding platform K Doka folding platforms K are pre-assembled, work-ready scaffold platforms with standardised system components for all usage situations. Automatic climbing formwork SKE plus With its modular design concept, the crane-independent Automatic climbing formwork SKE plus provides an efficient solution for every type of structure. Further on relevant project criteria need to be matched with the features of formwork systems in focus.

Structure of the building Concrete surface Formwork height Load and slab thickness Fresh-concrete pressure Building site conditions Execution time Number of cranes and crane capacity Number of workers available Safety Number of re-uses Number of form tie patterns etc.

The travelling composite forming carriage carries a large area of pre-assembled composite bridge-deck formwork that can be cycled without being dismantled. Factory supplier formwork tie rod dywidag casting two arms wing nut. It has a good hardwood veneer on its surface which makes it good for furniture and other project.

The applicability on all common types of foundations provides additional benefit in terms of efficiency. For perfect formork, even on details such as form-tie points and joins, Doka can offer a large number of different accessories for fair-faced concrete.


These safety accessories can be mounted to the formwork while this is still placed flat on the ground.

The Doka composite forming carriage makes for fast, safe construction of bridges on which a concrete deck slab is joined to a steel superstructure. Doka folding platforms K are pre-assembled, work-ready scaffold platforms with standardised system components for all usage situations. The perfect design match between the CFT’s shoring structure and the formwork, its high standard of safety and its optimised workplace-ergonomic design together formeork that work can progress swiftly and safely.

It maximises rationalisation and minimises manual labour — after a short familiarisation period, the crew will soon be accomplishing the casting sections in a 1-day cycle.

The modularly designed Doka heavy-duty supporting system SL-1 provides complete formwork solutions for widely differing tunnel gormwork, regardless of shape and load. Floor props Doka floor props are the right choice for every usage situation, and a sturdy ‘support’ in the rough-and-tumble of everyday work on the site.

Dam formwork is used for forming one-sided construction projects, such as dams, barrages, river power stations or pylons without formwork ties. This cooling-tower formwork is a fully mechanised, self-climbing large-area formwork system.

Formwork – Doka

Exactly round columns, in superlative fair-faced concrete quality, can be achieved using Column formwork RS. Hundreds of thousands of these carefully manufactured beams do sterling service on countless construction sites every lt&.

Direct supply high quality concrete OEM steel frame pillar column wall formwork. The climbing formwork system for structures that need the formwork elements to be moved up in several casting sections.

l&t formwork

Column formwork Frami Xlife Frami Xlife universal panels are ideal formwogk forming column cross-sections by hand or by crane. Formwork Accessories – Steel Cone.


About product and suppliers: Dokaflex Dokaflex is the fast, versatile floor-slab formwork for any desired layout. This makes them a cost-effective and efficient way of carrying out large-area slab projects. The quantities are computed very simply, using the slide-rule, with no need for formwork planning.

The Platform SCP has room for all the site equipment needed, and is enclosed on all sides for safe, weather-shielded working, even at great heights. What’s the website of your company9 Ans. CE quality 12mm brown film faced plywood 15mm concrete formwork.

Staxo eco permits economical shoring of floor-slabs of widely differing layouts, shapes and loads in the building-construction and civil-engineering fields. Load-bearing tower Staxo eco.

The shaft platform plus shaft formwork are quick and easy to reposition, in just one crane cycle. Edge protection system XP. Multi-trip packaging items such as containers, stacking pallets and skeleton transport boxes keep everything neat and tidy on the site, minimise the time wasted searching for parts and streamline the storage and transport of system components, small items and accessories.

Stair tower The sturdy, stable stair tower can be put together very quickly from frames and pre-assembled stairway elements. The craneage saved here is then available for use elsewhere. Complicated column cross-sections, large column heights, many formwork re-use cycles, tough specifications regarding the concrete finish — a made-to-measure Column formwork Top 50 can handle them all economically. The entire climbing unit is safely and easily repositioned in a single crane cycle, even during high winds.