Results of my 3 week RFL diet Rapid Fat Loss Handbook. Lyle prescribes higher volume and lower intensity for us ‘hard gainers’ and when. “I purchased Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss Handbook in hopes of losing a few “I put a world class BJJ (brown belt) athlete on a modified RFL diet about 3. But I’d already talked myself into a plan after reading Lyle McDonald’s manual, Rapid Fat Loss. I’d do it for science! And journalism. Plus for.

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Lastly, I want to say that in my opinion a lot of the things that are attractive to women are attractive to people in general. When I couldn’t get myself to go back into the gym for whatever inexplicable reason, I ended up quitting MMA.

Powerlifters are now starting to realise that you must be lean to be competitive, and all the blubber is doing for me is keeping me in a heavier weight class.

And ever since then, I’ve been in a huge funk training wise.

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One of my homies was even totaling right around Still working on that to this day Who does ylle reps with anyways? Otherwise you’re in for serious muscle cramps. I look forward to seeing your progress and learning some more! This had weird consequences. I began fantasizing about what food I would eat first.


Dangerous dieting: the lessons I learned from 10 days of rapid fat loss. | Amy Dix

Actually as soon as this diet is over, I’m going to be looking to join some sort of club or team for sure. That’s impossible to answer.

I wanted to set records and win world championships. His material is also very disorganized and mostly presented from the frame of his personal beliefs. So, that brings us to today and to Then again, because basically no one honestly reports the compounds and doses they use, Joe Lifter doesn’t have an accurate picture of what the top level guys are doing in their research.

Being the naive, but highly game and intensely driven individual I am, I started the bulk to end all bulks. These pictures represent from about to The wrong side of 44 Status: There are other problems with pick-up artistry. Haha, good question, JC. In other words, you eat pretty much nothing besides protein to spare muscle catabolism. Jamie Lewis has a successful blog but id hardly call it powerlifting focused.

Months spent dieting is hard on our hormones. Probably will “reset” to and go ltle by 1lbs as I’m not gaining reps with 5lbs jumps like I thought I would. That’s a great question.

Figuring out the best way to make my diet a lifestyle rather than something I have “to do” is definitely high on my list after RFL, though. Somehow, right now, I got myself to be psychologically okay with not knowing what I’ll do when lyl time comes. In short, B had passion and drive that went far rf fueling her consistency.


Good luck in Vegas though. So I stopped any considerations of a hypothetical experiment very soon after.

And you know what? I’d visit, if it were free and had a forum. My maintenance is probably aroundI did calories although some days were like drinking protein shakes, chicken breast and fat free cottage cheese.

I began to religiously sleep hours a day, I cut out any social activities that kept me up past the sun going down, and I generally cut out ANYTHING that might even possibly be construed as interfering with performance.

This community is better off as a result.

More than likely, I will go back to powerlifting, though. Anything worth doing is rfp over doing. I am currently lifting at Gold’s Gym. What levels of volume resulted in unproductive realization blocks? Two full racks with platforms.