Expert Heads Up No-Limit Hold ’em, Vol 1. 8. Poker is a tough game. If you discern a few leaks in your game and want to fix them in five minutes, you’ll have to. Detailed summary of Collin Moshman’s book, Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em. Includes review, and information on how to receive this book for free. Anyone know Moshman’s credentials as a HU player? what stakes has he i don’t think anyone can “utterly destroy” a world class heads up.

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This part collects twenty or so short chapters that focus on a wide variety of heads-up specific issues.

The next part, “Crucial Heads-Up Concepts and Situations,” is the longest of the book, comprising over a third of its length. What most poker players crave. Oleg Savelev rated it did not like it Oct 22, The more they play, the more they need.

You have been folding to most button raises, and you now make a small reraise. Alex rated it really liked it Nov 03, Online Casinos in Malaysia There are several conditions that make this play particularly beneficial:.

Poker Book Review: Collin Moshman’s ‘Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em’ | PokerNews

Let us look at an example where all these criteria are optimal, and then change the conditions to see how they affect our willingness to make a three overbet.

Find out how to qualify for this book in the Two Plus Two poker bonus program. Originally Posted by plowking how much has this guy won playing heads up? User Account Sign in. In particular, simply by playing a standard loose-aggressive style, you will have a considerable edge if the match progresses normally.


Heads-Up No-Limit Hold ’em : Expert Advice for Winning Heads-Up Poker Matches

Yet, most hold em players who transition to the heads-up form, especially if they are from full ring no-limit games, do not succeed. Find Threads Started by Rodolphe. So with K 2we should be inclined to fold rather than three-overbet. I am not saying the guy is some kind of poker god.

But those times our opponent four-bets us all-in, or calls and we miss, creates a difficult spot for us. And they are people expert at both I CTS. Lawrence E Page rated it liked it Jul 25, Your opponent plays a solid tight-aggressive style, raising about 50 percent of his hands preflop, and you have been inactive facing button raises. This is clearly a situation to avoid.

Next, suppose our opponent was much weaker, hears tight-passive.

Originally Posted by Pog0. On the cash side, more players are also selecting short-handed ring games. Can you possibly write a book for very good poker players? Moshamn Gorodinsky rated it really liked it Jun 09, This first section discusses an advanced play that works well against thinking, aggressive opponents, particularly those who raise liberally from the button preflop.

The third part, “Pot Size Manipulation,” introduces the useful “bets-per-hand” concept to help one arrive at an ultimate pot size that fits with one’s goals for a particular hand. When your opponent does play back, you need to be careful. Find Threads Started by React1oN. Also i read somewhere on 2p2 that Collin had consulted a number of ul stakes or “world class” HU players whilst writing his book.

And against a flat-call and missed flop, we will be playing a huge pot, out of position, generally facing three overcards. Send a private message to quiquiriqui. Find Threads Started by citanul.


So whether you are an aspiring heads-up professional, or want to be ready for the next time you re challenged to a one-on-one battle, Heads Up No-Limit Hold em provides you with the tools you need to succeed. In terms of making money from poker i would say Collin is most definitely world class. Send a private message to ShortSharpShock. The book then concludes with appendicies containing information about preflop hand probabilities, drawing odds, and starting hand rankings.

Find Threads Started by quiquiriqui. We’ve noticed turbo-style tourneys gaining in popularity versus slower-structured events. You have shown significant strength on two betting rounds, yet your tight-aggressive opponent still wants to build a big pot. Exploit your opponents through metagame mastery 7.

Hate giving this 5 stars. You might call if the raise was small and the stacks deep enough that the implied odds to draw to your five-outer the three tens and two eights were there, but generally, when an opponent plays back at you in this situation, give him credit for a real hand and fold.

Heads-Up No-Limit Hold ’em : Collin Moshman :

Expert Headx for Winning Heads-Up Poker MatchesMoshman clearly outlines a comprehensive strategy for heads-up NLHE, providing numerous tips and advice of use in both cash games and tournaments, as well as for live and online play. Unless your opponent has a king, it will be difficult for him to stay in this hand.

See my staking thread.