jBC Run time, Running jBC programs. jBC Error Handling, Handling error conditions in jBC programs. jCL, jBASE command language (Proc) reference manual. CATALOG Command. .. DECATALOG and DELETE-CATALOG Commands .. DECRYPT. Quick Navigation. jBASIC Language Overview; Benefits of jBASIC; File and Directory Organization; Commands/Statements; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N.

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MODS function Creates a a dynamic array from the remainder of the division of the elements in two dynamic arrays. Removes leading spaces and tabs from elements of a dynamic array. Only valid strings can be saved in an Environment Variables, special OS characters must be escaped or enclosed in quotes or single quotes. SUBS function Subtracts corresponding elements in two dynamic arrays.


Once copied then the temporary file is renamed to the original file. SWAP function Sub-string replacement.

Since the source code is converted to precompiled ‘C’, jBASIC applications have more operating system resources available to them, making them very flexible.

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BP Native file C: LES function Determines whether elements of one dynamic array are less than jbaae equal to the corresponding element in another dynamic array. DIR function Returns information about a file.

After completing the jBASE installation, one of the optional tasks you can select is to install and configure the compiler. Simplest version of where the commmands is located. Declares a list of variables and matrices that can be shared among programs.

Reads and locks a record and maps the elements into a dimensioned array. Initializes all unnamed common variables to a value of zero. For example, to set warning level 3 use the following command: Assigns the elements of a dynamic array to a dimensioned array. Enter jrf command with options verbose display and to allow downsize of file. LOOP statement Defines the start of a loop construct. The jED editor has been designed for ease of use, easy personal configuration and is especially suited to the editing of jBC programs.

The jbc command uses the -JCwn option, where jbaze is the warning level from 0 to 3. File and record level locking capability. See later -Ipath path for include files On optimize the jbasee, see below En optimize the code.


Where are the subroutines? This enables query language statements such as: NUM function Returns Boolean true if the supplied value is numeric. Specifies that a jsh process should be spawned to execute commanvs.


Wakes a suspended process which has executed a pause statement. Debug information is produced for the jBC debugger but not for the C debugger. Turns on or off the echoing of characters typed at the keyboard.

Applications are portable between binary compatible environments, however moving applications to an alternative operating system requires that the application be recompiled on the target system. Pauses program execution for a specified number of seconds or until a specified time. Passes data back to the primary input buffer of a calling ocmmands program.

Converts a latin1 or binary string into the UTF-8 equivalent byte sequence. Main program executables by default are copied in the home directory “bin” directory.