Results 1 – 40 of 40 Tommyknockers by Stephen King and a great selection of similar Used, Tommyknockers: Stephen King . Seller: angeles sancha libros. Results 1 – 30 of 38 Tommyknockers. by King, Stephen. and a great selection of related Tommyknockers by Stephen King . Seller: Agapea Libros Urgentes. Traducción de: The tommyknockers.. Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su anterior propietario. ISBN: X.

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Knocking at just over pages, The Tommyknockers often meanders and looses focus, jumping and switching the narration like a drunk switches bars on Saturday night, or any night for that matter. Bobbi Anderson tommuknockers, James Gardener. Finally, there’s Gard’s ascension, and most importantly, the dire circumstances behind it.

I put the book down a few times and tmmyknockers away just thinking I was reading it in the wrong environment or at the wrong time. I won’t get into that libr he already tommyknockefs but his review made me realize that I made a mistake when I passed this up.

King wrote The Tommyknockers at a time when substance abuse was a significant part of his life. He pretty much tells the reader right off. Bobbie Anderson finds an object buried lobro the woods that happens to be the tip of an alien craft. Wizard and Glass, DT5: I think my difference from the majority here is two-fold: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is one of those novels from SK which one loves or dislikes for its length. We have three main characters in here: Yet at the moment when they reach the hatch both of them are down in the hole at the same time with no one else around.


Interesting and very different to Kings usual books. Gard is also an alcoholic and is prone to binges that result in violent outbursts followed by lengthy blackouts.

View all 4 comments. Another thing that annoyed me- useless shit.

The Tommyknockers

I LOVE alien crap Also- there were still some aspects that I loved. If you’re new to Stephen King then this is a good place to start. After he sees that Bobbi is not entirely his old friend and lover, he shoots and kills her; before she dies, she telepathically calls to the townspeople who then swarm to her place, intent on killing him.

It’s bad SF and not as all equal to his horror writings.

That the readers lapped it up. We have Gardener, a friend of hers, alcoholic and potential suicide, really at the bottom of life and returning once more to Haven and to his friend and former lover Bobbi. Maybe I am only realizing it now because I’ve been rereading his works in order. Like many of his books, subtly or not, King touches on the certain things affecting our world, whether it is war, or guns, or whatever. View all 17 comments. Heroes for Hope American Vampire You got that right, Uncle Stevie.


Truly a world gone mad.

The Tommyknockers rhyme itself is always, when it pops up, cringey and mawkish. Firstly, this book gets a really bad rep for some apparent reason but in my opinion, it is unjustified. Well, this tommyknockrrs around I am wondering how in the hell I thought the first part of the book was good?

The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

This article is about the Stephen King novel. They are easily my two favorite characters. The Tommyknockers is a big book. Open Preview See a Problem?

It’s like his alien stories are trying to be both E.